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New Horizons in Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics

26th October 2015 - 30th October 2015
Erice, Italy


In the last two decades the field of nonequilibrium thermodynamics and statistical mechanics has received an intense momentum in its development. This was triggered on one hand by theoretical advancements, like the discovery of exact nonequilibrium fluctuation relations and on the other by the tremendous advancement of nanotechnology allowing to explore and design smaller and smaller devices, often working in the quantum regime and being subject to large nonequilibrium fluctuations. The aim of this workshop is to foster the interaction among the leading experts, theorists and experimentalists, working at the forefront of nonequilibrium thermodynamics so as to define and address the forthcoming challenges. Topics include nonequilibrium fluctuations, mesoscopic transport, thermal engines, thermalization, interplay of information and energy exchanges. The focus will be on nano-scale systems, e.g. Brownian particles, cold atoms,  and solid state nano-devices (superconducting qubits, quantum dots, optomechanical nanodevices, hybrid nano-structures etc. )

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