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SAFEMINING 2016 - First International Seminar on Safety and Occupational Health in Mining

3rd August 2016 - 5th August 2016
Santiago, Chile


The Chilean mining industry has evolved with regards to technologies, practices, organization, human capital and paradigms and this has had a positive impact in area of occupational health and safety and the focus has been on doing work well. However, there are challenges to address such as the causes of fatal accidents, physical and geographical working conditions, facility designs, management systems suitable for each organization, innovation and human capital, and all this within the context of falling prices and ore grades, which forces us to do things differently while keeping in mind past lessons learnt. SafeMining 2016 will be a technical forum during which participants will be able to share information, discuss and reflect on current practices in the area of occupation health and safety and how to achieve a preventive culture.

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