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Advanced Oil & Gas Accounting - Advanced Oil & Gas Accounting

18th October 2016 - 21st October 2016
Singapore, Singapore


Despite the large volume of information available to assist with the interpretation of IASB standards, there is relatively little guidance tailored to the needs of the Oil and Gas industry. The structure and focus of this course is to provide such specific guidance. In particular, this course will demonstrate and illustrate both how the IASB's standards apply to the unique accounting issues in the Oil and Gas sector, together with those controversial areas with little or no guidance from the IASB. Attend Infocus Advance Accounting Workshop for Oil and Gas Industry and make use of practical and real life case studies. Gain immediate knowledge and experience in how to apply the various accounting rules to your complex accounting issues in your organisation, and understand the options available to organisations in the Oil and Gas sector in applying those standards.

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