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AIM workshop - Stability and moduli spaces

9th January 2017 - 13th January 2017
American Institute of Mathematics, San Jose, Calif, United States


This workshop, sponsored by AIM and the NSF, will be devoted to a review of the role played by K-stability, KollAĦr-Shepherd-Barron-Alexeev (KSBA) stability, GIT stability, and Bridgeland stability in the construction and compactification of moduli spaces in algebraic geometry. The organizing theme will be to investigate connections between these flavors of stability, with the goals of incubating new moduli spaces of curves, surfaces, and higher-dimensional varieties and of clarifying the birational geometry of familiar ones. The workshop will bring together experts in stability in all its flavors as well as in moduli theory, minimal model program, differential geometry, and derived categories.

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