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New challenges in PDE: Deterministic dynamics and randomness in high and infinite dimensional systems

19th October 2015 - 30th October 2015
Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, United States


This workshop serves to bring into focus the fundamental aim of the jumbo program by both a) showcasing the spectacular progress in recent years in the study of both nonlinear dispersive as well as stochastic partial differential equations and b) bringing to the fore the key challenges for the future in quantitatively analyzing the dynamics of solutions arising from the flows generated by deterministic and non-deterministic evolution differential equations, or dynamical evolution of large physical systems. During the two weeks long workshop, we intertwine talks on a wide array of topics by some of the key researchers in both communities and aim at highlighting the most salient ideas, proofs and questions which are important and fertile for `cross-pollination. between PDE and SPDE.

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