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Imaging: Recent Advances and Biomedical Applications

21st September 2015 - 23rd September 2015
London, United Kingdom


Advances in imaging are revolutionising the way we treat disease and providing exciting, often non-invasive methods for probing underpinning biology. Whether it be accurately locating the position of a tumour, providing a method that allows early diagnosis of a disease or shedding unique insight into the spatial distribution and temporal behaviour of a biomolecule inside a cell, the development and application of new imaging technologies offers an exciting opportunity for physical scientists to collaborate with life scientists and clinicians. This meeting brings together leading researchers from industry and academia who are working in the field of imaging. After showcasing their latest research in new imaging technologies and biomedical applications, a panel discussion at the end of the day will provide a platform to explore new opportunities and directions for this fast-developing field.

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