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Molecular Structure Elucidation. Gordon Research Conference

14th August 2016 - 19th August 2016
West Dover, VT, United States


In 2016 a new Gordon Research Conference will be launched entitled a€oeMolecular Structure Elucidationa€¯. Consistent with the rich history of the GRC, the program will be comprised of a unique blend of industrial and academic participants, and will include both established and emerging young investigators from around the world. Our GRC offers the podium to dynamic, world recognized lecturers who represent a variety of disciplines with emphasis on structure elucidation and we expect to evolve and stay current in the central science that is structural chemistry. Diverse topics will be presented, that include research in the areas of spectroscopy, protein chemistry, crystallography and chromatography. A session dedicated to emerging topics will also be included (e.g. crystal free crystallography, drug-conjugate structures, biomarkers, and structural imaging). In addition to the oral lecture program, a series of energizing poster sessions will be featured.

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