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Phase Separation and RNA Processing as Drivers of Cancer and Neurodegenerative Disease

24th February 2017 - 27th February 2017
Carlsbad, San Diego, United States


A significant challenge in clinical medicine, particularly in cancer and neurodegenerative disease, is the absence of pharmaceuticals that directly target the pathology. In cancer, well over 90% of mutations found in patient tumors are deemed a€˜non-actionablea€™. Many proteins with a€˜non-actionablea€™ mutations are investigated by scientists who study RNA biology, in particular abnormalities in post-transcriptional RNA processing. Biophysicists and engineers have made great strides in understanding biological phase transitions and the role of intrinsically disordered protein (IDP) domains, which have been implicated in both diseases and often described as a€˜non-actionablea€™. This conference seeks to bring together disease-focused medical scientists, RNA biologists, and biophysicists in a truly multidisciplinary environment.

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