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DPC — Digital PCR: Technologies and Tools for Precision Diagnostics

3rd November 2015 - 4th November 2015
San Diego, California, United States


Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is an invaluable tool for nucleic acid detection and quantification. As a staple in diagnostics labs, PCR has continued to evolve with scientific need, the latest iteration being digital PCR (dPCR). dPCR increases sensitivity, specificity, and in many cases allows higher throughput. Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Fourth Annual Digital PCR conference will continue to highlight the importance PCR advances for clinical diagnostics. As always, this event gathers technology providers, early adopters, and platform newcomers to network and discuss digital PCR’s capabilities, limitations, and future applications. This year, key focus will be placed on the technology behind dPCR, interfacing between dPCR and NGS, and emerging technologies and areas of study. Other topics to be addressed include solutions for processing difficult samples and increasing sample throughput, working with extracellular DNA, and guidelines and best practices for digital detection.

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