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SIPDA — International Symposium on Lightning Protection

28th September 2015 - 2nd October 2015
Balneário Camboriú – Santa Catarina, Brazil


The International Symposium on Lightning Protection (SIPDA) is a scientific event organized every two years that has as main goals to contribute to the discussion and dissemination of innovations in lightning technology. The event covers all lightning-related aspects, including lightning physics and characterization, measurements, modeling techniques, detection and location systems, grounding, protection methods, and accidents and damages associated with the phenomenon. The main topics of the Symposium are: 1) lightning physics, characteristics and measurements; 2) lightning detection and location systems; 3) lightning protection of substations and transmission lines; 4) lightning protection of medium and low-voltage distribution lines; 5) lightning protection of structures and installations; 6) lightning protection of electronics and telecommunication systems; 7) grounding; 8) lightning electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic compatibility; 9) equipment testing and standardization; 10) lightning-caused accidents and injuries. 

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