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PIDX - 2nd Annual Reproductive Genetic Diagnostics

1st December 2016 - 2nd December 2016
Cambridge, MA, United States


Couples experiencing infertility or failed pregnancy can now take advantage of a number of molecular diagnostic options to determine the health and wellness of their embryos as well as their own fertility. Cambridge Healthtech Institutea€™s Second Annual Reproductive Genetic Diagnostics conference examines the latest in preimplantation diagnostic and screening technologies, including their applications in assessing mtDNA load; determining aneuploidy through single-gene disorders; and assessing mosaicism. The meeting will also examine the potential for non-invasive PGD by blastocentesis, being developed in response to the potential effect biopsy and vitrification may have on the development of the embryo. There will be discussion on PGD for donor eggs, such as how much or how often testing should be done. The meeting will also cover advances in CRISPR, including current research and capabilities, as well as how this technology may or may not be used in the future. New this year, special attention will be paid to molecular diagnostics for finding infertility biomarkers in sperm and the uterus.

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