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Australasian Genomic Technologies Association Conference held in partnership with the NZ Next Generation Sequencing Conference

9th October 2016 - 12th October 2016
Auckland, New Zealand


AGTA/NZ NGS 2016 will attract staff and clients from all genomics core service providers in the region, and beyond, eager to be exposed to new and evolving technologies, and to hear how those technologies are being applied to genomics research.    AGTA/NZ NGS 2016 will showcase dynamic cross-discipline-omics research, and uniquely allow genomics and bioinformatics researchers, as well as industry, to interact over a wide range of topics; these will include technologies focused on genome regulation: biology, phenotype and utility, genomics and agriculture, genome diversity and evolution, human disease and clinical genomics, plant genomics, microbial and single cell genomics and transcriptomics. We hope you will enjoy the exciting line-up of topics and presenters we have assembled. 

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