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Circulating Biomarkers 2016 Dundee

12th October 2016 - 13th October 2016
Dundee, United Kingdom


In the last couple of years EU Policy makers and grant funding bodies have been championing the desire to break the translational bottle-neck. As researchers focus more on breaking the translational bottle neck they have started to look more closely at the kinds of biomarkers which will enable this. These circulating biomarkers such as circulating DNA (ctDNA/cfDNA/cftDNA), miRNA/microRNA, circulating tumour cells & exosomes are indeed useful and we have been covering them in the last few conferences with some great data and presentations from opinion leaders in the respective areas. We have heard from researchers about how they perform their biased and unbiased discovery on these biomarkers and then validate and move them into the clinic so that the blood biopsy tests can be realized.

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