ICG-11 - The 11th Annual Meeting of the International Conference on Genomics

4th November 2016   -   6th November 2016
Shenzhen, China


Over the past decade, with the participation and contribution of our partners and companions, the ICG has grown into one of the most influential annual meetings in the a€˜omicsa€™ era/area, and becomes a forum facilitating international collaboration and global partnership. The ICG-11 will bring more innovation and inspiration to the community, rallying for scientific leaders and rising stars, as well as industry veterans, entrepreneurs, young makers and geeks from all over the world. The theme of the ICG-11 is a€oeOmics for All a€“ Global Partnershipa€. Following the spirit of the Human Genome Project (a€oeHGP Spirita€), i.e. a€oeNeeded by All, Owned by All, Done by All, Shared by Alla€, the ICG-11 aims at building the international collaboration and global community in omics, focusing on topics related to a€oeprecisiona€ a€“ oriented medicine and healthcare, agriculture and poverty alleviation, green ecology and bioeconomy, big data and biobanking, advanced intelligent manufacturing, and many more.

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