13th Key Symposium 2016: Bioelectronic Medicine a€” Technology Targeting Molecular Mechanisms

21st September 2016   -   23rd September 2016
New York, United States


The Key Symposium 2016: Bioelectronic Medicine a€” Technology Targeting Molecular Mechanisms, will convene thought leaders who have the potential to explore, define, and create this new field. Session topics include: Defining Circuits, Cell Biology and Cancer, Molecular Sensing, Clinical Updates, Brain Interfaces, Processing the Future, and Funding the Field. By harnessing the power of technology spanning disciplines from microfluidics to computer processing to molecular technology, we step closer to the promise of bioelectronic medicine a€” to naturally reproduce a drug's therapeutic reaction by mobilizing the body's natural reflexes to develop effective, safe and economical alternatives to pills and injectables. Call for Poster Abstracts: The deadline for abstract submission is Friday, July 29, 2016. For complete abstract instructions, please send an e-mail to BioelectronicMedicine@nyas.org with

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