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Ushering in the New Age of Microlensing from Space: 21st International Microlensing Conference

23rd January 2017 - 27th January 2017
Pasadena, California, United States


We happily invite the exoplanet community to the 21st International Microlensing Conference entitled "Ushering in the New Age of Microlensing from Space". The field of gravitational microlensing is burgeoning, in particular due to the success of several space-spaced missions. We will highlight breaking results from K2's Campaign 9 ( K2C9 ), which constitutes the first combined ground- and space-based microlensing survey, as well as progress in Spitzer's program of obtaining "satellite parallaxes." Talks on ground-based surveys and advances in theory will also be featured prominently. Finally, we will have a number of talks on the revolutionary promise of the WFIRST mission for exoplanet science, which was recently approved to enter Phase A. Together these endeavors provide invaluable insight into topics such as the Galactic distribution of exoplanets, the abundance of free-floating planets, and the demographics of cold exoplanets.

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