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The remarkable life of a BCG

20th February 2017 - 24th February 2017
Bad Moos, Italy


In the last years a strong effort has been devoted to the study of the brightest cluster galaxies (BCG). Several studies are focusing on BCG properties adopting a multi-wavelength approach, other are using numerical and semi-analitical models to describe BCG formation and evolution. These works have been fostered by extensive follow-up of newly discovered SZ clusters at high-redshift, by in-depth studies with Hubble such as CLASH, and a rapidly increasing amount of data in the radio and submm bands thanks to ALMA and the upgraded JVLA. This strong interest in the origin and evolution of BCG is mainly due to their unique role in the context of galaxy formation, evolution of galaxy clusters, and interactions between nuclear activity and surrounding diffuse baryons. With this workshop we intend to bring together the most active researchers in this field to discuss the latest results, and compare the outcomes of new observational campaigns with numerical simulations and semi-analitical models.

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