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ITH - 2nd Annual Converged IT Summit

24th October 2016 - 26th October 2016
San Diego, California, United States


With research laboratories now capable of generating staggering amounts of data, the IT infrastructure required to store, move and process this information must become an integral part of strategic planning for success. The Second Annual Converged IT Summit will once again cover a broad range of topics framing the issues behind creating computational solutions for modern research methodologies. Our expanded program for 2016 will break out into two tracks, allowing in-depth exploration of both the Infrastructure and the Data Science needed to create a truly converged IT. Sessions will highlight technologies currently in use, how organizations are using them to accelerate discovery, efforts that have worked and those that have failed, organizational challenges and policies for research computing, and the art of converged infrastructure as a research tool. The Converged IT Summit is designed for professionals involved with strategic planning and implementation of IT technologies to support science. The goal is to deliver solutions to scientists that give them the freedom to discover.

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