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BACIF — Biologically Active Compounds in Food

15th October 2015 - 16th October 2015
Lodz, Poland


Polish Association of Food Technologists – local branch in Lodz, Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Science – Lodz University of Technology, and Academy of Business and Health Sciences in Lodz would like to invite you to the international scientific conference Biologically Active Compounds in Food, held on 15-16th October 2015 in Lodz, Poland. The main focus of the event is to explore the core subject of biologically active compounds in food. Participants will have a chance to exchange information and share experiences from their own research in this field. The conference is thought as a debate platform for professionals such as scientists, food technologists and nutrition specialists. Everyday food consumers should also be concerned with the issues of food quality and safety. These topics are in the spotlight of today’s public discussion and biologically active compounds are becoming its valid aspect.

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