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CIMPA Research School on Noncommutative Geometry and Applications to Quantum Physics

12th July 2017 - 22nd July 2017
International Center of Interdisciplinary Science, Vietnam


Noncommutative Geometry (NCG) is a vivid research subject in Mathematics and Physics. The main goal of this school is to train local researchers and students in these topics and to establish strong research collaborations with colleagues, students and researchers. Leading experts in NCG will give an overview of the main well-established results, the essential tools, and some of the present active research activities: a Connes-Chern Character Theorem a Noncommutative Integration Theory (Dixmier Traces, Singular Tracesa)a Unbounded KK-theory and Kasparov Product a Dynamical Systems and KMS States a Quantum Groups a Fuzzy Spaces a Noncommutative Standard Model of Particle Physics (See web for further details).

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