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ICERM Topical Workshop - Current Developments in Mathematical Fluid Dynamics: Regularity, Instabilities, and Turbulence

24th January 2017 - 27th January 2017
Providence, RI, United States


The purpose of the topical workshop is to gather leading experts, postdoctoral scholars, and graduate students, to present exciting new developments in the field of mathematical fluid dynamics. The focus of the meeting will be placed on current research on regularity, instabilities, and the onset of turbulence in fluid flow, from a theoretical and from a computational perspective. Despite their long and fruitful history, to date these topics continue to enchant and inspire mathematicians, physicists, and computational scientists: in part due to their ubiquitous applications in areas from aeronautical engineering to medicine, and in part because the basic mathematical questions are still open. Among these are global in time existence of solutions to the equations describing motion of inviscid and viscous fluids in three spatial dimensions, and the conjectured relation between the phenomenological theories of turbulence and the statistical properties of solutions to the underlying partial differential equations of fluid dynamics. These questions have inspired generations of researchers. In particular, the conference will celebrate the work of Susan Friedlander, who has been making important contributions in the field since 1970s.

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