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Keystone Symposia: Purinergic Signaling

24th January 2016 - 28th January 2016
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


An understanding of how purinergic signals are dynamically regulated is needed to identify improved therapies, e.g., for cancer immunotherapy, since tumors exploit these pathways to avoid immune surveillance. Of particular interest is the growing realization that purinergic regulation controls remodeling of inflamed tissues and the functions of innate and adaptive immune cells, endothelial cells and platelets. The significance of extracellular purines in multiple tissues will be covered. The meeting should generate new mechanistic and therapeutic concepts. Prior meetings have defined the triad of purinergic "players" (channels, receptors and enzymes) generally in unstressed animals. The meeting will focus on the paradigm-shifting realization of dynamic purinergic regulation in the setting of disease progression. This meeting is being held in conjunction with "Cancer Immunotherapy: Immunity and Immunosuppression Meet Targeted Therapies."

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