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2016 International conference of Optics & Photonics Taiwan

3rd December 2016 - 5th December 2016
Taipei, Taiwan


Optics & Photonics Taiwan, the International Conference (OPTIC 2016) is the largest annual conference on optics and photonics in Taiwan. This year, OPTIC 2016 will be hosted by National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan Tech) in Taipei, Taiwan, from December 3 to December 5. With an expected attendance of more than 1500 people from academia, government and industry, OPTIC 2016 will provide an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and present latest advancements in optics and photonics. OPTIC 2016 incorporates the following eleven symposiums covering an broaden range in optics and photonics. The conference is one of the most valuable conferences in optics and photonics for participants. 1.Nanophotonic Materials and Devices 2. Optical Waveguides and Communications 3. Quantum Electronics 4. Holography and Information Processing 5. Optical Design and Testing 6. Biophotonics 7. Display Technology 8. Solid State Lighting 9. Photovoltaic Technology 10. Thin-Film Technology and Optical Engineering 11. Organic Optoelectronics and Integrated Photonics with the combination of these eleven symposiums, OPTIC 2016 will be one of the most valuable conferences on optics/photonics for all participants from around the globe.

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