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BioTech 25 - Proteomics a Principles, Methods, and Application to Biomarker Discovery

26th September 2016 - 30th September 2016
Bethesda (NIH),MD, United States


Proteomics is the large-scale study of a specific complement of proteins, including information on the protein abundances, variations and modifications, interacting partners and functional networks. Because of the vast options and combinations of modifications and alternative splicing, the proteome is comparatively larger than the genome. This workshop provides an introduction to technologies used to perform proteomics experiments, with particular emphasis on their application to biomarker discovery. Principles and advanced methodologies will be discussed, with an emphasis on protein identification tools, methods for sample preparation, and bioinformatics technologies. Additionally, students will be exposed to the unique analytical platforms and challenges particular to biomarker discovery projects. Includes visit NIH proteomics core facilty

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