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Antibodies Targeting GPCRs, Recent Advances and Therapeutic Challenges

24th November 2016 - 25th November 2016
Tours, France


The conference will be organized as a satellite workshop of the 5th meeting of GDR 3545 on a€oeG Protein-Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) - From Physiology to Drugsa€¯ to be held in Tours, Val de Loire (France). The topic of the workshop will focus on new advances and challenges in the development of antibodies targeting GPCRs and their potential applications in clinic. GPCRs represent the largest family of cell surface receptors regulating many human and animal physiological functions. Their implication in human pathophysiology is obvious with about 15% of GPCRs being targeted by 30-40% of the medical drugs commercialized today. Developing therapeutic antibodies directed against GPCRs appears as a promising alternative to selectively and safely modulate their activity. Several speakers from academia and industry considered as leaders in antibody development against GPCRs have accepted to take part in the event. The recent technological strategies used for immunization as well as for development of various antibodies formats (i.e. IgGs, scFv and nanobodies) will be presented. Moreover, the prospective of application of GPCR-selective antibodies in the most important physiological systems such as the central nervous, the immune, and the endocrine systems will be essentially covered.

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