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IAEA Technical Meeting on Uncertainty Assessment and Benchmark Experiments for Atomic and Molecular Data for Fusion Applications

19th December 2016 - 21st December 2016
Vienna, Austria


The meeting is meant to advance data-oriented research on atomic and molecular (A+M) processes and properties that are important for plasma simulations and plasma diagnostics for fusion energy development and other plasma applications. Leading theoretical and experimental A+M physicists are invited along with plasma physicists using A+M data to discuss uncertainty assessments and benchmark experiments for A+M data for fusion and other plasma applications. The discussion topics include prioritization of A+M data needs for fusion applications, experimental methods and systems to benchmark theoretical A+M collision data, target uncertainties of A+M collision data for fusion applications, uncertainty quantification methods for theoretical A+M data, and development of a network of A+M physicists doing benchmark experiments and computations. Among other things the meeting will identify the most important data needs for fusion applications, decide what can be done to benchmark those data, and formulate a plan of action among experimental and theoretical A+M physicists to carry out this benchmarking and perform the associated uncertainty assessment. The discussions should lead to specific proposals for measurements to set new benchmarks for prioritized data and proposals about suitable theoretical methods to compute these data.

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