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2017 Joint ICTP-IAEA School on Atomic Processes in Plasmas

27th February 2017 - 3rd March 2017
Trieste, Italy


The school is concerned with theoretical and computational methods for the study of collisional and radiative atomic processes in plasmas including the following: atomic processes in low-density plasmas (e.g. astrophysical, fusion and laboratory), atomic processes in warm and hot dense matter and X-ray sources, computational methods for atomic structure and collisions, principles of spectroscopic diagnostics of plasma, collisional-radiative modelling and calculation of plasma spectra, simulations of non-Maxwellian and highly transient plasmas, opacity (radiation transport) effects on plasma properties and plasma diagnostics, methods for analysis of spectral line shapes and profiles, and online codes for calculation of ionization distributions and spectra.

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