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ITW - 2017 IEEE Information Theory Workshop

6th November 2017 - 10th November 2017
Kaohsiung, Taiwan


The scope of IEEE ITW2017 will be in all areas of information theory with special emphasis on the following: AaA Information Theory for Content Distribution AEa Distributed data storage AEa Peer-to-peer network coded broadcasting AEa Coded caching for wireless and wireline transmissions AEa Delay-constrained communications AaA Information Theory and Biology AEa Information theory and intercellular communication AEa Information theory and neuroscience AEa Information-theoretical analysis of biologically-inspired communication systems AaA Information Theory and Quantum Communication AEa Quantum information AEa Quantum computation AEa Quantum cryptography AaA Information Theory and Coding for Memories AEa Inter-cell interference in nonvolatile memories AEa Rank modulation and constrained codes for nonvolatile memories

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