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1st International Forum for Occupational Safety and Health, Amman Jordan, 2016

22nd November 2016 - 24th November 2016
Amman, Jordan


Safety and well being of the workforce and providing safe and healthy work environments are not any more privileges that the employers have the option to offer or not, they are mandatory requirements that now are backed-up by many international laws and local legal legislation and considered as a genuine right for the workforce. In the Arab World today organisations of both sectors (public and private) must understand that the safety and well being of their employees and that of their contractors is of paramount importance and must constitute a core value of any company work ethics and management practices. This is their basic ethical duty towards society and part of their socio-economic value proposition. This Forum will focus on the fact that EHS management is always been an integral part of any business, topics and speakers will discuss how to successfully invest in the right Safety Strategies can help not only providing a safer and secure work environment, but also reduced costs with the implementation of right strategies. The forum will also discuss how to build competency and manage the workforce to ensure Integrated OHS Management and finally how to enhance the awareness about the OHS culture.

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