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JINA-CEE Junior Researcher Workshop — Workshop held prior to the "2018 JINA-CEE Frontiers in Nuclear Astrophysics" Meeting

23rd May 2018 - 25th May 2018
Gillespie Conference Center, South Bend, IN, United States


The Junior Researcher Workshop is open to graduate students and postdocs and will be held on May 21-22 prior to the main conference. This portion of the meeting consists of students and postdoc research, as well as professional development workshops. Overview talks (25 mins+5 mins, Nuclear theory, Nuclear experiment, Theoretical Astrophysics, Observational Astrophysics) Contributed talks (12mins +3 mins) Scientific Writing (Mark Caprio, UND) Grant Writing (Sarah Nerenberg, Proposal Development Consultant for Higher Education, Environmental Non-profits and Local Governments) "Publishing in the AAS journals (as an author)" (Francis Timmes, ASU) Speaking Skills (Vinicius Placco, UND) Academic career panel: Anna Frebel (MIT), Zach Meisel (Ohio), Matthew Redshaw (CMU), Anna Simon (UND) Non-academic career panel: Raman Pfaff (an NSCL alumnus, and founder of ExploreLearning), Qian Li (an ND alumnus, and an Actuarial Analyst at Windhaven Insurance ) Outreach activities (Micha Kilburn, JINA-CEE outreach director, UND)

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