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LISHEP 2018-Session C: Workshop on High Energy Physics—Heavy Particles and Flavor Physics

9th September 2018 - 15th September 2018
Universidade Federal de Bahia, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Lishep was created in 1993 to cover a missing meeting in Brazil, mainly in Rio de Janeiro, where the majority of the HEP Brazilian groups are residents. Initially its name was related to a new CBPF Department, named LAFEX- Cosmology and High Energy Physics Laboratory. Later the Cosmology Group went to ICRA, and Lafex by imposition of the administration of CBPF become CLAFEX. To be independent of these changes we decided to adopt for the School just “International School on High Energy Physics”, although maintaining the same acronym. LISHEP was promoted by AIAFEX – The Association of the Friends of High Energy Physics. This organization does not have any profit purpose and serve as a bridge between the Public and Private organizations as well as for the School Organization.

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