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ERICE 2018 - INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF NUCLEAR PHYSICS — 40th Course: The Strong Interaction: From Quarks and Gluons to Nuclei and Stars

16th September 2018 - 24th September 2018
Erice, Sicily, Italy


The purpose of the meeting is to bring together experts and young researchers in the area of nuclear structure physics and its foundations in QCD as well as new developments in nuclear astrophysics and the pertinent interrelations among these fields. The aim is to discuss the current status of the field and to explore future directions, both in experiment and theory. With recent developments in instrumentation, theoretical tools and numerical simulations as well as significant progress in experiment and observation, the meeting is particularly timely. The aim is to cover a broad range of topics to elucidate synergies and identify areas of future progress. This should be especially beneficial to the younger participants of the meeting. In detail, the following topics will be presented and discussed: - Lattice QCD and few-body nuclei - Nuclear structure from chiral EFT interactions - Ab-initio methods for medium-mass nuclei - Single-particle and collective dynamics - Nuclear structure far from the line of stability - Nuclei as a laboratory for beyond the Standard Model physics - Cold and hot neutron star matter - Exploding stars and binary mergers of compact objects - Nuclear synthesis and neutrino production in cosmic events

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