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2018 PHISCC meeting — SKA Pathfinder HI Survey Coordination Committee (PHISCC)

11th June 2018 - 13th June 2018
Pingtang, Guizhou, China


This is a formal announcement of the 11th PHISCC workshop, to be held on June 11-13, 2018in Pingtang, Guizhou, China. The SKA Pathfinder HI Survey Coordination Committee (PHISCC) holds regular international meetings to communicate and coordinate scientific, technical and programmatic issues regarding the commissioning of SKA pathfinder facilities and the definition of large HIsurveys that are being planned. This includes the development of scientific ideas and priorities, as well as technical tools to tackle common challenges such as RFI mitigation, visualisation, source finding, data analysis, achive management and the acquisition of ancillary data. The overall goal is to optimise scientific return from the HI surveys, taking advantage of the specific strengths of the various facilities. During the 2.5 day PHISCC workshop we will hear about the latest commissioning results and the current status of the planned HI survey strategies and deliverables. Participants are particularly encouraged to present and discuss progress on RFI mitigationand source finding, as well as science topics enabled by panchromatic synergies with other large-area imaging and spectroscopic surveys such as LOFAR, MWA,VLASS, MaNGA, SAMI, HETDEX, Weave, Pan-STARRS, SkyMapper, H-Atlas etc.

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