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Bubbles Big and Small: From supernovae, Fermi Bubbles to the Circumgalactic Medium

11th June 2018 - 14th June 2018
Department of Physics, IISc, Bangalore, India


Feedback regulation, namely the effect of star formation (SF) and accretion onto black holes (BH) on the local and global environment, has been recognized as a crucial ingredient in the interstellar/intergalactic medium (ISM/IGM) and in the understanding of galaxy formation. SF and BH accretion release copious amounts of energy in various forms - mechanical energy, radiation, and cosmic rays - that can significantly modify their ambient medium. The conference will focus on the observation, modelling, and theoretical understanding of feedback on multiple scales, ranging from bubbles in the ISM, through galactic-scale superbubbles and superwinds, to the nature of the circumgalactic medium (CGM). One such topic, revived by the observation of extended gamma-ray bubbles in our own galaxy (called the Fermi Bubbles), is galactic-scale feedback. In particular, the physical origin of such galactic outflows, and the cosmic rays and radiation fields involved are not well understood. Models based on both SF and supermassive BH accretion have been developed, and multi-wavelength observations (from radio to gamma-rays) constrain both. Similarly, recent HST-COS observations of widespread multiphase gas in the CGM have challenged current theoretical understanding of relevant physical processes. We plan to cover both theoretical models and recent observational developments in all the above areas, trying to avoid jargon and keep the discussion accessible to PhD students (both observers and modelers) working in these areas. The focus will be on basic physical understanding and observational puzzles in these fascinating areas.

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