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European Data Provider Forum and Training Event 2018

27th June 2018 - 28th June 2018
Heidelberg, Germany


On June 27 and 28, 2018, the ASTERICS(*) project will host its second European Data Provider Forum and Training Event at the "Zentrum für Astronomie" of Heidelberg University, Germany. This workshop will join researchers and technicians interested in on-line publishing of astronomical data and related services. Following the successful first event of this kind in 2016, there will be once more ample opportunity to exchange solutions, to identify common challenges and problems, and to share perspectives. Everybody from astronomy data publishers big and small is invited, including data-producing projects, and especially the ESFRI (European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructures) partners of ASTERICS, namely CTA, LOFAR/SKA, KM3Net, EGO/VIRGO/ET, and EST, together with the associate partners ESA and ESO. *Call for contributions* The fields in which we would like to see a lively exchange include: * current challenges and case studies in data publication * publication tools, libraries, and techniques * developments to facilitate data exploitation by astronomers * use and adoption of Virtual Observatory standards. We suggest oral contributions of 15 minutes plus 5 minutes of discussion each. Else, we are generally open with respect to the format and extent of your contribution. Please provide a title plus a short abstract on the registration web page . *Supplementary meetings on 26 June and 29 June* On the afternoon of 26 June, there will be an introductory course on the Virtual Observatory, and on 29 June, there will be hands-on consulting sessions on data publication: see the web page at for details. *Registration is now open at* -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (*) ASTERICS (Astronomy ESFRI & Research Infrastructure Cluster, is an EU Horizon 2020 project that targets the common challenges shared by several astronomy ESFRI facilities. This workshop is part of ASTERICS work package 4 DADI (Data Access, Discovery and Interoperability), aiming to support broad accessibility and effective archiving in data centres based on the Virtual Observatory framework.

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