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Dr Denis Koltsov: Nanomaterials in foods - recent developments, regulations, standards and public perception

8th December 2015 - 11th December 2015
London, United Kingdom


The use of nanomaterials such as ultra-fine powders, additives or complex nanostructures in food and drink products has distinct advantages as well as potential risks. The advantages may be listed in great number from novel functionality, flavours and product texture to packaging, longevity and cost reduction. Nanomaterials have also been associated with unknown risks and potential public rejection. The focus of this presentation will be the survey of the most recent developments in nanomaterials application in food and drink industry as well as associated regulations, definitions, standards and the resulting public perception. Questions of safety and long term effects of nanomaterials will be outlined in relation to international efforts to bring regulation and international standards in line with innovation and novel applications in food and drink.

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