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Planets Days: A Two-Day Workshop on Advances in Planetary Science

24th August 2018 - 27th August 2018
Vienna, Austria


The past few years have been scene to major developments in planetary astronomy. The successful ending of Cassini mission, the discovery of new planetary systems with Kepler/K2 telescope, and the unprecedented results obtained from Dawn and New Horizons have revolutionized our understanding of planetary systems and have opened new chapters in observational and theoretical research in solar system and exoplanetary astronomy. The IAU Division F (Planetary Systems & Astrobiology), in conjunction with the 30th General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union, is organizing a two-day workshop on recent discoveries and advances in planetary science. The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers from all fields of planetary astronomy to present their new findings in form of oral and poster presentations, and discuss the current state of research in our field. Some research topics have been listed below, however, the workshop is open to all fields in solar system and extra-solar planets.

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