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CCTP-3 — NASA‘s 3rd Comparative Climatology of Terrestrial Planets: From Stars to Surfaces

27th August 2018 - 30th August 2018
Houston, TX, United States


The first CCTP conference was held in Boulder, Colorado in 2012, and fostered a series of interdisciplinary conversations on a wide range of planetary climates. The CCTP-2 meeting offered a similar range of conversations, including the effects of the Sun and other stars on the climates of Earth and other planets in and beyond the solar system. CCTP-3 will continue the dialogue and interactions started at these two previous conferences. NASA’s 3rd Comparative Climatology of Terrestrial Planets: From Stars to Surfaces (CCTP-3) conference will promote cross-disciplinary conversation on climate processes at work on terrestrial planets both within our solar system and in extrasolar systems. For the purpose of CCTP-3, terrestrial climate is a broad term, intended to include the climates of Earth, Mars, and Venus as well as the climates of Titan and Pluto. CCTP-3 also covers exoplanets similar to Earth, Mars, Venus, Titan, or Pluto. The conference will synthesize present and past research in terrestrial climate science including solar/stellar influences. Also, it will provide a multidisciplinary forum for the identification of future research needs and missions. Scientists from all aspects of climatic processes research — including planetary science, heliophysics, Earth science, and exoplanet astronomy — are encouraged by NASA’s Science Mission Directorate (SMD) to participate in and contribute to this conference.

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