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Triple evolution and dynamics - TRENDY-2

10th September 2018 - 14th September 2018
Lorentz Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands, Netherlands


Triple systems are among the most frequent astrophysical phenomena, manifesting themselves in almost any given scale, from asteroids to massive black holes. Theoretical and observational studied in recent years suggest that triples can have a key role in the evolution of stellar and planetary systems, and in particular in the formation of close interacting binaries, and in structuring the architecture of planetary systems. This is the second workshop in a series to explore the various observational and theoretical aspects of such systems. The workshop aims to help build-up a comprehensive treatment for the evolution of triple systems, and the coupling between their complex dynamics, their environment and their stellar evolution. We plan to bring together experts on the various relevant processes, have extensive discussions and collaborative work to understand the unique role of triples in the formation and evolution of stellar and planetary systems, and collectively build a roadmap for the further exploration of triple systems.

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