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Cosmology on Small Scales 2018: Dark Matter Problem and Selected Controversies in Cosmology

26th September 2018 - 29th September 2018
Prague, Czech Republic


In the early twenties of the last century, Alexander A. Friedmann (1888-1925) derived from the system of ten Einstein-s equations applied to a perfectly symmetric universe, which is homogeneous and isotropic for every fixed time instant, a nonlinear differential equation for the expansion rate of the universe. The question is whether one can perform such excessive extrapolations, i.e. to apply Einstein-s equations to galactic or cosmological scales. The current standard model of cosmology is based on the normalized Friedmann equation which contains, as major parameters, densities of dark matter and dark energy. So, it is timely to gather specialists from different disciplines, including galaxy evolution and planetology, to discuss the problem of existence of dark matter and dark energy at various scales, both from theoretical and observational points of view.

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