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Gordon Research Conference — Solar Energy Conversion

17th June 2018 - 22nd June 2018
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China


The conversion, storage and utilization of solar energy is increasingly important as global demand for energy grows, and regulatory constraints on pollution as well as concerns about climate change become more pressing. In order for solar energy to become a practical alternative to fossil fuels, efficient ways to convert photons into electricity, fuel, and heat are urgently needed. Over the past few decades, great efforts have been devoted to the development and study of materials, physics and devices for advanced solar energy conversion. Much further study is required if solar energy is to become a significant part of the energy paradigm. In this conference we will focus on some of the key challenges in the field. First, our control over material properties (such as bandgap, composition, and light absorption) remains insufficient. Second, our understanding of phenomena such as light-matter interaction, and heat and charge transport is still incomplete. Finally, issues related to the reliability and durability of solar energy devices and systems need to be addressed before large-scale deployment becomes practical. The need for advanced conversion and storage technologies has been a driving force behind many recent developments in biology, physics, chemistry, materials, and especially nanoscience. Therefore, further development of solar energy technologies will not only unlock potentially paradigm-changing solutions for solar energy, but will also help us to answer fundamental questions in the contemporary interdisciplinary physical sciences. The goal of the conference will be to discuss and analyze new and exciting solar-related materials, physics and devices and to better understand their potential impact via the exciting cross-disciplinary discussion and collaboration that only Gordon Conferences can offer.

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