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Organometallic Chemistry Conference 2016

29th November 2016 - 2nd December 2016
Tampa Florida, United Kingdom


The field of Organometallic Chemistry is one of the most exciting and rapidly growing fields in all of chemistry. Inherently multidisciplinary, organometallics is poised to solve many of the 21st century’s challenges such as clean fuel production, functional materials, synthesis of new and effective pharmaceuticals, and to provide cleaner methods for production of feedstock chemicals. Evidence of impact on society comes in the form of three Nobel Prizes related to organometallic chemistry being awarded during the past thirteen years. The 2016 Zing Organometallic Conference in Tampa Florida will emphasize cutting edge research applied to synthesis, reactivity, catalysis, polymer chemistry, materials and bonding theory. This conference will provide an excellent venue for initiating new, and nurturing existing collaborations. Plenty of time will be dedicated to social interactions with the hope of creating an atmosphere that fosters the free-exchange of ideas and knowledge. One of the aims is to bring together leaders in the field from industry, academia, and national laboratories in an effort to identify current pressing problems and potential solutions. Conference participants will include a diverse group of international scientists at the forefront of the field, ranging from senior investigators, junior scientists, post-doctoral associates, and graduate students. By creating a forum for dialogue between researchers with diverse expertise, and building on shared strengths, we hope to catalyze new advances in this important field.

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