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Gordon Research Conference — Tribology

24th June 2018 - 29th June 2018
Bates College, Lewiston, ME, United States


Tribology is the study of phenomena that occur at contacting and sliding interfaces. It is a very relevant field, given the global impact of tribology in terms of energy efficiency and material waste. However, it is also scientifically fascinating because of the complexity of the physical phenomena that occur at interfaces. For example, a lubricated sliding contact involves deformation of solids, fluid flow, rheology, chemical reactions, and much more. This necessarily means that a comprehensive understanding of tribological phenomena requires knowledge from a range of classical fields in science and engineering, including chemistry, physics, mechanical engineering, and materials science. Most tribologists are experts in one of these areas based on their academic training and then learn enough about the others to communicate effectively. However, the next significant breakthroughs in tribology are likely to be found at the interfaces between the classical fields. To achieve these breakthroughs, the very diverse tribology community needs to come together to learn and discover together. This is the focus of the 2018 Gordon Research Conference on Tribology: cutting-edge interface research that is happening at the interface between disciplines. A Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) will precede the 2018 GRC on Tribology with a closely tied focus on multi-disciplinary studies in interfacial science. The GRS will provide young tribologists from diverse disciplines the opportunity to come together, present their work to their peers in an unintimidating atmosphere in preparation for the GRC. Additionally, invited keynote speakers at the GRS will provide their perspectives into how early career tribologists can best prepare themselves for successful careers within academia, and beyond. We expect lively, informal, and informative discussions for the rising generation of tribologists. The GRS is aimed at providing a casual environment for young researchers to learn about cutting-edge tribology research while building a professional network among their peers. Participants of the GRS are encouraged to send questions and suggestions for this session to the GRS Chair in advance of the meeting.

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