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Gordon Research Conference — Membrane Transport Proteins

10th June 2018 - 15th June 2018
Newry, ME, United States


The 2018 GRC on Membrane Transport Proteins will link physiological mechanisms of clinically important membrane transporters, including carriers, ion channels and pumps, to disease mechanisms, thereby altered transporter functions and mode of drug action – or its failure. Sessions will include emerging research ranging from atomic force microscopy to single molecule fluorescence and in-vivo approaches – and their application to a number of human disorders including autism spectrum disorders and neurodegenerative diseases to cystic fibrosis and diabetes. The unique format of the 5-day conferences is designed to maximize productive interaction and discussion between scientists. First, the Chairs select attendees from the pool of applicants in order to ensure the very highest caliber of participants, and the attendance is capped at 200. Second, the meetings are held at small, non-urban and fairly isolated locations to minimize distractions and transportation issues. Third, only unpublished research at the absolute frontier of knowledge is presented (both orally and in poster sessions), with an emphasis on extended discussion. To promote the discussion of cutting-edge research, Gordon Research Conferences are officially "off-the-record", and ample time is provided between sessions for socializing and informal discussions with fellow attendees.

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