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Gordon Research Seminar — Barriers of the CNS

16th June 2018 - 17th June 2018
New London, NH, United States


The Gordon Research Seminar on “Barriers of the CNS” is a unique forum for graduate students, post-docs, and other junior scientists to present and exchange unpublished, original data, and cutting edge ideas. The focus of this meeting is to encourage young scientists from the CNS Barriers field and related disciplines, to present their latest findings and novel methods for input and discussion with peers and selected faculty mentors having a broad array of knowledge and skills. The collegial atmosphere of this meeting provides an opportunity for budding scientists from different disciplines to brainstorm and obtain the highest level of positive input and critical analysis to promote advancements in the field. The 2018 5th GRS includes fundamental and applied research on brain barriers encompassing the blood-brain barrier, blood-CSF barrier, and the blood-retinal barrier. Topics discussed will range from barrier development, contribution of the neurovascular unit to normal and diseased states as well as to drug delivery across the barriers. Current innovations in barrier modeling and novel strategies to support CNS drug delivery of small molecules and biologics will be discussed. Finally, the GRS will include a special mentorship session where an expert panel will review securing funding sources from both private and public sources.

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