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FASEB SRC: Genome Engineering: Cutting-Edge Research and Applications

24th June 2018 - 29th June 2018
Florence, Italy


Genome engineering is among the fastest growing areas of science and seeks to develop new technologies for the precise manipulation of genes and genomes in cells, tissues, animals, and populations. In addition to its utility for advancing our understanding of basic biology, genome engineering has numerous real-world applications, ranging from correction of disease-causing mutations in humans to engineering plants that better provide fuel, food and industrial raw materials. The first clinical trials and patient treatments using genome engineering approaches are ongoing. The scope of this meeting is diverse, encompassing established and emerging technologies for modifying genomes and their applications in basic science, disease modeling, gene therapy, and agriculture. We anticipate that this diversity of technologies and experimental systems will create a stimulating meeting environment that will enable new insights and advance the field.

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