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Gordon Research Conference — Cell Biology of the Neuron

24th June 2018 - 29th June 2018
Waterville Valley, NH, United States


The 2018 Gordon Conference on Cell Biology of the Neuron will be held from June 24-29, 2018 at Waterville Valley Resort, NH. The meeting will cover the latest developments in exploring the inner workings of nerve cells. In particular the meeting will emphasize fundamental cell biology while illustrating its relevance to understanding the aetiology of neurological disorders. The program integrates unpublished findings and new perspectives, particularly as they relate to neuronal development, synaptic mechanisms, question of transport and polarity, and neuropathology. Subjects will range from basic mechanisms underlying brain wiring to the development of novel imaging tools to analyze neuronal regulatory events. The agenda reflects a convergence of topics that are timely, influential, and mechanistic for understanding brain development, function, and plasticity at the cellular level. The Cell Biology of the Neuron has been a critical venue for bringing together leaders in these fields who approach these questions through different experimental systems. We aim at attracting neuroscientists interested in cell-cell communication, synaptic transmission, protein folding and trafficking, RNA metabolism and intracellular transport. When do proteins transfer between neurons? How are cargos directed to domains within the cell? Where and how are synapses formed? What controls synaptic strength? What events underlie axonal degeneration and regeneration? How are these fundamental processes misregulated in disease states? The international list of invitees and presentations from scientists at different stages of their career will make the meeting highly interactive and inspiring for junior scientists. To ensure that the latest and most exciting results are presented, some poster presenters will be selected for short talks. Our venue fosters informal interactions and information exchange. The Waterville Valley Resort accommodates all participants on-site in a lovely setting where participants will spend free time together. The organizers will strive for strong participation by younger scientists (students, postdocs, new faculty) and underrepresented minorities and women in presentations and discussions.

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