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FC 2015 — Fibre Concrete 2015 – Technology, Design, Application

10th September 2015 - 11th September 2015
Prague, Czech Republic


FIBRE CONCERETE 2013– Technology, Design, Application is an international conference focused on fibre reinforced concretes. The 8th Fibre Concrete conference refers to favourable previous Fibre Concrete conferences held biennially since 2003. Objective of the conference is to offer a basis for discussion on new knowledge in theory and design of fibre concrete. The conference presents results of experimental investigations, research of new materials, development and implementing of new design methods. Successful applications of fibre concrete in structures and structural elements are demonstrated within the conference. Conference is organised for wide range of specialists from different spheres – research and investigation, technology and production of concrete and designers, technologists, enterprisers and contractors in building industry.

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