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Course — ADME, PK/TK & Drug Metabolism in Drug Discovery and Development

9th October 2018 - 11th October 2018
Berlin, Germany


This pharmaceutical manufacturing training course will assist pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and CRO researchers and managers in understanding the requirements for a well-designed and successful ADME, PK/TK, and DM program conducted within a drug development logic plan and in compliance with ICH guidelines. The various types of ADME, PK/TK, and DM studies, which include in vitro metabolism and delivery, animal and human pharmacokinetics, protein binding, mass balance, tissue distribution, metabolite isolation and identification, and toxicokinetic support, will be discussed. Study designs and potential results along with possible interpretations from each of the study types will be presented. The generation study reports and summaries, both of which are to be included in submissions to regulatory authorities for completed research experiments, will also be discussed.

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