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Gordon Research Conference — Cytoskeletal Motors

8th July 2018 - 13th July 2018
Mount Snow, West Dover, VT, United States


The 2018 GRC on Cytoskeletal Motors continues a tradition of more than 50 years of GRCs focused on how molecular motors work. This meeting has a strong history of uniting biophysicists, structural biologists, and cell biologists and is a premier venue for highlighting the newest and most exciting research in the field. This meeting will bring together leaders in the field studying the mechanism of myosin, kinesin and dynein motors. A major focus will also be on how each of these motors interacts with its track (actin filaments or microtubules) and how track dynamics or modifications affect motor function. Cytoskeletal motors also play an important role in normal human physiology and their dysfunction is involved in a wide range of diseases. This conference will have sessions on how defects in the cytoskeleton play a role in cardiovascular and muscle disease, cancer, and neurological disease.

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